Pakistan child porn ring
(Photo: Reuters/Mohsin Raza)

Pakistan's Largest Child Porn Ring Uncovered After One Family Speaks Out; Over 280 Child Victims Found on 400 Videos

A criminal gang in Pakistan located near the Indian border has forced nearly 300 children to engage in sexual acts in what authorities have discovered is the largest child pornography ring in the nation's history. Islamic scholars are now calling for the perpetrators to be put to death.

Iraqi Christians

'Hated Because We Want to Exist as Christians:' Tens of Thousands of Iraqi Christians Persecuted by ISIS Losing Hope

Tens of thousands of Iraqi Christians who have fled the Islamic State terror group to neighboring countries such as Jordan have said they are stuck in limbo, with nowhere to go and limited ways to provide a living. Pope Francis has condemned the world's silence on the issue, while an Iraqi archbishop has said that Christians in the region are hated because they want to keep hold of their faith.

To whom shall we liken Donald Trump? Now that we have seen The Donald in a debate environment where the Great Singularity has had to match his immense gravitational exertion with the forces of other personalities, how do we perceive him?

These sanctuary murders are not isolated cases. Their victims are not anecdotes.

Believe it or not, Planned Parenthood has a Clergy Advocacy Board. And these clergy claim Planned Parenthood employees are "doing God's work."

  • Dan Delzell Portrait Seagreen Background

    Evolutionary Theory Cannot Logically Fault a Human for Killing Cecil the Lion

    Dan Delzell

    An evolutionary worldview cannot logically fault a dentist from Minnesota for killing a well-known lion, anymore than it can fault a lion for killing one of its own. Evolution provides no logical basis for morality.

  • Tony Perkins

    Bodies of Evidence Don't Deter Abortion Allies

    Tony Perkins

    It didn't take long for a federal judge to block some of the Planned Parenthood footage — and now we may know why.

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