Marina Slayton

In New Book to Moms Ex-Ambassador's Wife Marina Slayton Says 'We've Been Empowered By the Holy Spirit'

In a new book for mothers titled Be the Best Mom You Can Be Marina Slayton, a Christian mother of four and wife of former U.S. diplomat Gregory Slayton, has shared tips on parenting in the 21st century. It's a time, she says, when parents and children alike are facing new challenges such as growing hostility against Christianity and a higher rate of suicide, both of which have touched her family personally.

Fred Rogers

Mr. Rogers Was a Counter-Culture Christian Icon, Not Just a Wholesome American TV Star, Says 'Peaceful Neighbor' Author

For many Americans Fred Rogers, famous for his character on PBS' long-running children's television series, "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood," was a nostalgic staple whose feel-good quotes continue to be propagated by those who grew up watching him on their living room TV sets as children. A religious studies professor at Elizabethtown College, however, says the-late TV star should also be known as a Christian counter-culture icon.

Jessey Eagan and Her Family

Interview: Christian Mom Shares Jesus' Love for Muslims by Wearing Hijab for Lent (Part 2)

Christian mother of two Jessey Eagan is making headlines with her announcement that she's using the 40 days of lent as an opportunity to "idetify with the other" by wearing a hijab and blogging about her experiences, #40daysofhijab, on her website, where she's sharing some of the reactions she's received from both Muslims and Christians around her community in Peoria, Illinois, and beyond.

Students practice antigravity yoga

Could Working Out Be Considered an Act of Worship?

Why should physical fitness be a mundane or dreaded activity if you can spend time exalting God while doing so? While some may raise their eyebrows at this notion, others are making this budding belief system their reality. Celebrities such as Kierra Sheard, the 27-year-old gospel singer who released her fifth studio album Graceland last summer, recognize the power of incorporating fitness and faith.

Francis Chan Passion

(Interview) Francis and Lisa Chan: We're Not Perfect Christians; Every Day We Fight for an Ounce of Holiness

You and Me Forever: Marriage in Light of Eternity co-authors Francis Chan and his wife, Lisa, insist that they wrestle with fear and selfishness just like everyone else despite the public putting them on a pedestal after they left the stability, comfort and spotlight of leading a California megachurch in 2010 to surrender to God and let Him call them anywhere in the world and do anything He wants.

Matt and Lauren Chandler

Q&A With Matt Chandler: The First 7 Years of My Marriage Were Tough; Loving Relationships Take Discipline

Texas megachurch pastor Matt Chandler says the way the world defines marriage is "unbiblical" and "unhealthy", yet far too many young Christians are following after the cultural standards of love. This reality prompted the Village Church leader to offer biblical insights on dating, courtship and marriage from the Song of Solomon in his recently released book Mingling of Souls.