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Saturday, Jul 18, 2015

Bono, Keywest Help Irish Man Propose to Girlfriend; Proposal Video Goes Viral

  • (Photo: YouTube Screenshot/morenokatia)
By Max Bonto , Christian Post Contributor
January 9, 2015|9:50 am

A video of Cliff Henry proposing to girlfriend Fiona O'Hehir went viral when fans and viewers noted the presence of U2 frontman Bono and Dublin-based band Keywest during the event, showing their support for the happy couple.

Henry, a longtime fan of Keywest, ran into the group on Grafton Street and told them about his plans to propose to his longtime lady love. The band agreed to help him and everything was set for Killiney Hill on Oct. 29, which was O'Hehir's 30th birthday.

O'Herir was initially under the impression that the cameras around the place were for the band's new music video and that GoPro camera on Henry's chest was for work. When Keywest dedicated their new song to "Fiona and Cliff" and Henry went down on one knee, she was so surprised and speechless. Henry had to ask her twice before she managed to say yes.

Keywest wasn't the only one present at the time though, as Bono and his wife Ali were also among the crowd. The pair gamely recorded a video message for the couple.

"Don't do this. There's a gang of his here. It's an intervention," Bono joked. On a serious note, he added, "Marriage is like an act of grand madness. You jump up on top of Killiney Hill and discover that you can actually fly."

The couple's engagement video appeared online and was positively received. With all the reception, O'Hehir claimed it was "like getting engaged all over again."

"We obviously got engaged back in October on my 30th birthday, but then the video came out and it's been nonstop all day," she said.

The couple has yet to start with the wedding planning, however, as they are both busy with work. They are getting ready to fly to the Australian Open with ESPN, where O'Hehir worked in make-up and Henry with operations. However, she shared that Keywest promised to play at their wedding.

"Maybe we'll get chatting about wedding plans on the long flight," she said with a laugh.

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