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Bill Nye Invites Ken Ham to Join 'World of Reason' in Christmas Gift; Ham Invites Nye to Join 'World of Redeemed'

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    Ken Ham (Right), founding president and CEO of Answers in Genesis, and Bill Nye (Left) "The Science Guy" debate creationism Feb. 4, 2014.
By Stoyan Zaimov , Christian Post Reporter
January 14, 2015|11:26 am

Answers in Genesis CEO Ken Ham revealed in a blog post earlier this week that he received a copy of "The Science Guy" Bill Nye's book, Undeniable as a Christmas present, in which Nye invites Ham to join "the world of reason." The creationist responded by sending his own book gift to Nye, and invited him to join "the world of salvation."

Ham, who's also the CEO of the Creation Museum in Kentucky, revealed that due to his extended stay in Australia over the holidays, he has only recently been able to catch up to his Christmas mail in America, where he found Nye's gift.

Nye, who's the CEO of science-advocacy group The Planetary Society, wrote in his message: "For Ken, Here's hoping you find your way someday. You would be welcomed in the world of reason — We could celebrate the science together!"

Ham noted that he's sending Nye a book of his own, Inside the Nye Ham Debate released by AiG, which covers the famous debate on evolution and creationism between the two figures from February 2014.

Ham's response in the book reads: "For Bill, Here's earnestly hoping you find THE WAY someday. You would be welcomed in the world of the redeemed. We could celebrate the salvation together. John 14:6 — Jesus said, 'I am the way, the truth and the life.'"

While Nye, who supports evolution, has said that teaching creationism to children is dangerous and harmful, Ham has defended creationism and accused Nye of putting "man's word verses God's word."

"In the United States there's been a movement to put creationism in schools — this sort of pseudoscience thing — instead of the fact of life," Nye has said. "People fight this fight in court constantly, and it wouldn't matter except we need people to solve the world's problems."

In October, Nye claimed that creationism will "go out of business" in the next 20 years, prompting Ham to respond that it will outlive Nye and others like him.

The AiG CEO said in his blog this week that despite their clashing worldviews and numerous times in the past few years they have disagreed on important topics, there is a mutual respect between himself and Nye.

"I was brought up in Australia, which has a very small percentage of Christians, so most of my best friends at school and university were not Christians — but we had a great respect for each other. I believe the same can be true of Bill Nye and me," Ham wrote.

"Yes, we will oppose what each other teaches — and speak very forthrightly about those beliefs publicly — but we can still have a mutual respect for one another. Personally, I do believe Bill has a respect for me, as he knows that I do sincerely believe what I am saying, and am prepared to publicly defend my beliefs."

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