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Wednesday, Jul 15, 2015

See Why This Man Has Been Writing Thank You Letters for 38 Years Straight

  • Photo: (YouTube Screenshot/USA TODAY)
By Peter Myers
December 30, 2014|3:57 pm

Every year, for 38 years now, Ron Brown has been writing a thank you letter to the people who saved his life. If not for them, he claims he would be a "faded photograph" in an album. 38 years later and Ron has something special to say to the people who saved his life.

Ron has realized that without these people it would be impossible to carry on. So each year he always remembers to thank them and let them know how much they mean to him.

Medtronic is a medical company that makes pacemakers. Whenever he has to replace an old one with a new one he is always grateful to have this mechanism with him. It is because of this company that he is still here with us today.

One man at the company has made it his duty to read his letter every year for the company. Each and every one of the people who attend look forward to this letter more than anything. One year they got a special treat that none of them will ever forget.

Watch why this patient pens thank you letter 38 years later below:

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