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Thursday, Jul 16, 2015

Little Boy is Overjoyed After Hearing The News That He Will Have a Brother

  • Photo: (YouTube Screenshot/Miny Lee)
January 1, 2015|3:39 pm

Since Ethan was 2 years old, he always wanted to be a big brother. But, for something like that, it is much easier said then done. Until one very special day...

One day his family surprises him with a letter telling him that his dream is finally coming true. His face lights up and he is so full of joy he can't stop the tears. What he says to his parents when he finally realizes will definitely touch your heart. Ethan says "I'm so happy" in the most humble way imaginable as he realized everything he wished for is coming true.God bless this beautiful family and future brother-to-be.

Watch this adorable reaction below:

Source URL : http://www.christianpost.com/news/little-boy-is-overjoyed-after-hearing-the-news-that-he-will-have-a-brother-131963/
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