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Thursday, Jul 16, 2015

Homeless Man Gets the Ultimate Makeover Surprise – This Will Touch Your Heart!

  • Photo: (YouTube Screenshot/JoshPalerLin)
By Sean Phelps
January 2, 2015|10:48 am

This man, Thomas, has gone viral after his video of giving back to the homeless people in his community. He was given money to buy something for himself and went out and bought stuff for others. Now he is getting another surprise … wait until you see what it is!

These men go out and find him to let him know the good news. Thomas has inspired many people around the world. His donations have came in one after another and continue to this day. When he finds out about this he is overwhelmed in joy. What they do for him next will really touch your heart. First, he goes to eat, and then gets a makeover and brand new clothes. Not to mention he is staying in an awesome hotel room.

It's hard to imagine how grateful this man must feel. You must see this video yourself to understand how amazing a moment like this truly is.

Watch this heartwarming video below:

Source URL : http://www.christianpost.com/news/homeless-man-gets-the-ultimate-makeover-surprise-this-will-touch-your-heart-132010/