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Wednesday, Jul 15, 2015

After Suffering a Deadly Heart Attack This Man is Touched by God's Gentle Hand

  • Photo: (YouTube Screenshot/Henry Baptist Church Online)
By Sean Phelps
December 30, 2014|12:53 pm

A 33-year-old man suffers a massive heart attack which almost takes his life. A 100 percent blockage causes him to need a heart transplant. The doctor had told his family that it is very rare for people to survive in his position. But Sammy had been touched by God's hand and proved everyone wrong.

Instead of just giving up, this man knew he could carry on and do something amazing for people. God had a special plan for Sammy and he believes he can use it to help others. He wants others to believe that they also can be healed by God and believing in Him. While going for the transplant, something went wrong and they were not able to go through with it.

Instead, he went from a dead heart to a normal person's heart, out of nowhere. Doctors didn't understand it because it had been so bad. It was certainly an act of faith.

Sammy is now used as a shining example of faith, and God has chosen him to go out and shed His light on others. You must listen to him sing PRAISE!

Source URL : http://www.christianpost.com/news/after-suffering-a-deadly-heart-attack-this-man-is-touched-by-gods-gentle-hand-131863/
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