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Saturday, Jul 18, 2015

7-Year-Old Gives 'Blessing Bags' to the Homeless

  • Photo: (YouTube Screenshot/USA TODAY)
By Sean Phelps
January 7, 2015|1:09 pm

This is a story shared by a family in hopes of inspiring others to do the same as they did. It's about innocence and genuine care that a young boy has for the homeless. Caiden is an average second-grader with a very BIG heart, that feels for others.

Caiden Perez is your typical 7-year-old that loves playing with toys, but also loves to help others in his community. His original idea was to go out and bring them pizza, but came up with an even more helpful one that he can do first. He went out and handed them "blessing bag.". These bags contained things such as socks, toothpaste, and shampoo. Things they could use to better themselves everyday and what most people are fortunate to have.

You will be instantly touched in your heart by this young boys actions. The best part of it all is he wants to continue doing it and hopes his actions will rub off on others. This act of kindness is beautiful in every way imaginable.

Watch this inspirational video below:

Source URL : http://www.christianpost.com/news/7-year-old-gives-blessing-bags-to-the-homeless-132235/